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How to use 3D Touch on Apple iPhone 6S

The main highlight of the new iPhone 6S isn't the hardware even though it is quite stellar, but it the new pressure sensitive display technology that Apple has introduced. It is called 3D Touch. Apple claims it is quite revolutionary and even in review of the iPhone 6S Plus we noted that it had potential to change the way we use our phones. However, when you first fire up the new iPhone 6S, it will take you aback and you'll not know how much pressure needs to be implemented. Fret not, we have a few tips which will ease you through the initial 3D touch experience.

1.   Firstly, you need to start pressing down on the icons with some force. When we say this, the amount of force needs to be higher than what you apply to shift icons around when the screen goes into 'jiggle' mode. You will feel a prominent feedback or vibration. Apple's taptic engine, which is its nomenclature for the vibration system is the most advanced and it will clearly let you know. If the app has b…