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Google Logo History

Today, Google unveiled its new logo — a colorful, sans-serif treat that modernizes the logo for a new era in its company history: The new Google logo. This versionmarks a surprisingly long history of the logo's iterations, including some truly horrifying versions that never saw placement on the search giant'siconic homepage. Google's most horrifying logo rejects One of Google's early logos. A look behind the scenes comes courtesy of the Internet Archive, on which Google catalogued its logo history as of December 1998. Housed on a page labeled "stickers," the logo history included small versions of the Google logo for Google lovers' personal use. All these logos come from before that time, and they include an early version made by founder Sergey Brin with the open source photo-editing program GIMP. There's also a modified version that pays homage to Burning Man: The Burning Man Google logo. (Google) The special "Google Doodles" appeared earl…