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E-commerce may dominate marketing trends in 2015

The stage has been set for a while now, and e-commerce organizations today continue to make an impact in terms of the digital shopping experience. As technology continues to grow rapidly, e-commerce players are adopting newer techniques to facilitate both sellers and buyers to sell and buy online more efficiently. 

More recently, with the introduction of flash sales and daily deals from various companies, e-commerce has brought forward technnovation in the retail sector. Nothing has surpassed the power of innovative e-commerce companies, which have proved to be as successful. 

What we are witnessing today is a metamorphosis of e-commerce into a variation of online commerce that is adaptable and flexible. And, with the ever dropping rates of internet surfing, both for web and mobile interfaces, which is complimentary to the soaring population of internet users, the e-commerce industry is shaping both online shopping and selling trends in India. 

Consumers are more connected than ever befo…