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5 Google apps that will give Lollipop look to your phone

Google launched Android 5 aka Lollipop back in October, but so far only a handful of smartphones have been updated to it. Apart from the Google Nexus 6, only a handful of phones have appeared in the last few months running Lollipop right out-of-the-box and fewer have actually received an update to the OS. However, the good news is that you don't actually need Lollipop on your phone to get the best features of Google's brand new operating system. We show you how. The Google Now Launcher The Google Now launcher is central to the Lollipop like experience. Google has updated its launcher, which debuted back in 2013 when the company launched Android KitKat. The new launcher now adds the material design look and feel that can be found on Google's Nexus devices running Lollipop. The Google Now launcher also ensures that the Google Now contextual assistant is just a swipe away on the home screen. The launcher also adds an element of touch-less control, as users can operate many fun…