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How to update Moto G phones to Android Lollipop

Motorola pushed out Android Lollipop aka Android 5 update to all Moto G phones in India on Friday. The update gives Moto G users new interface and new features. So, how can you update the phone to the Android Lollipop?

Here are the steps to do it:
For Moto G (2nd gen) aka Moto G launched in 2014
-- You will see a notification for the system update on your phone. Tap on the notification and follow the process.
-- If you don't get the notification, go to Settings.
-- Click on About Phone.
-- Click on System Update.
-- Click on check for updates.
-- The phone will check for the update. Most likely the Lollipop update would be available. Though if it is not, check again in a few hours because Motorola is rolling out the update in phases.
-- If the update is available download it and then install it. Follow the onscreen instructions for it.
For Moto G (1st gen) aka Moto G launched in 2013

-- Make sure you have Motorola Update Services installed on your phone. If not, install it from here.
-- Make …

Five unknown tips to lower your smartphone data consumption

In the early days of cell phones, it was all about the minutes -- voice minutes, that is, because people used their phones tocalleach other. (Weird, right?) You had to limit your conversations or suffer the horrors of overage charges.
Today, it's all about the data. Even if your plan is "unlimited," there's almost always an asterisk. After you burn through the first couple gigabytes, your high-speed connection throttles back to something closer to dial-up. (Talk about horrors!) And if you're with a pay-as-you-go service like Ting, unchecked data consumption could leave you in a higher-priced tier when the bill comes due. Whatever your plan, it makes sense to conserve data. And what's the easiest way to do that? Connect to Wi-Fi wherever and whenever possible. Sure, it takes a few extra taps to connect to a network in, say, a coffee shop or airport lounge, and you make feel like it's not worth the hassle if you've got five 4G bars showing. Depending on…

80% Of All Online Adults Now Own A Smartphone, Less Than 10% Use Wearables

If people are looking to Apple and its new smartwatch to kickstart wider consumer interest in wearable computing gadgets, the maker of the iPhone will have a lot of work ahead of it.New research out from the GlobalWebIndex indicates that in a survey of 170,000 adult internet users across 32 markets, only 9% report having a smartwatch, and 7% said they owned smart wristbands. In contrast, among online adults, 80% now own a smartphone. The proportion of smartphone ownership has reached a new high, but it has not yet overtaken legacy ownership and usage of PCs, which is currently at 91% of all online adults. Some other interesting data points highlighted in GWI’s research: – Wearables. Within the wearables category, the biggest number of device owners are affluent males in the 25-34 year-old group who reside in the Asia Pacific region. This points to these smaller, portable and more narrowly functional devices continuing their market placement as niche products that have yet to find a g…

Google’s ‘Flight Search’ tool now available in India

Google has introduced its ‘Flight Search’ tool in India which allows users to search for flights, their prices, timings, etc directly within the search engine. For people who love to travel, they can go access to use this tool. It’s available on desktops and mobile platforms.
Based on preferences and previous searches, the tool will offer the price and duration of flights. Once the dates have been set, users can click to expand the map, which will show them live prices for destinations around the world. Google also roped in Goibibo as its partner for its flight search.  “ is the first OTA in India to partner with Google for Flight Search. This is in line with our philosophy and core differentiation of delivering the fastest booking experience to our travelers,” said Ashish Kashyap, Founder and CEO of ibiboGroup. The Google Flight Search tool offers a ton of data constantly. For instance, when you change the departure date, the calendar that appears in …

Moto X (2014) Tips and Tricks

Motorola made a splash in the editorial world with the first Moto X, and the company has managed to stay on track with the latest version, the Moto X (2014), which has already sold out with some US carriers, like Verizon. Here are some great Moto X (2014) tips and tricks to use once you finally get your hands on it.
Motorola Moto X (2014) tips and tricks 
Get rid of carrier branding on the Moto X (2014) If you’re not a fan of free advertising, and would rather have the Moto X display all without the name of your carrier, then it is an easy thing to turn off, even if you have a SIM card in your device. In order to disable the option, head to the settings, then More, and finally, Mobile Networks. From there go to View Mobile networks and uncheck the box.
To get rid of the provider name on your Moto X, this can easily be done in the settings. 
Change the "Ok Google" activation phrase Saying ‘’OK Google’’ over and over again might eventually get on your nerves. Thankfully, Motoro…

Best way to save battery on android devices

It's no secret that smartphones are notorious battery hogs, with some devices having an almost embarrassing screen-on time. Those big luscious AMOLED and LCD screens are an obvious drain on your battery, but did you know there's lots of things you can do behind the scenes to get the most out of your Android? Read on for our best battery saving tips to make your battery last longer. 1. Use a dark colored background If your phone has an AMOLED screen (like most Samsungs), use a dark colored background, because AMOLED screens only illuminate the colored pixels. Black pixels are unlit, so the more black pixels you have, or the more darker pixels, the less battery you need to light them up. 2. Make apps darker too Using darker app backgrounds/themes and darker launcher themes will further prolong your battery life (if your device has an AMOLED screen). 3. Get rid of auto-brightness Don't use display auto-brightness. It may sound good, but auto-brightness is usually way brighte…

5 Important Things To Think About When Buying An Android Phone

So you have finally decided to buy an Android phone. First of all, congrats. Not only is it an amazing operating system, but you will have literally hundreds of phones from different manufacturers to choose from. But with so many choices, which is the best phone to fit your needs? What do you need to look for and think about for when purchasing an Android device, and how do you know which one will work best for what you need it for? There are SO many factors to consider, and to help out with your decision, I have put together 5 important things you should think about (that will hopefully make it a bit easier) when picking out your first (or your next) Android phone. 1. What do you want to use your phone for the most? This is something that many people don’t consider before buying, and it’s actually one of the first things you should think about. Will you be using your phone mostly for calling and checking emails, or will you also be using it for playing games, watching films, or read…

New G-Technology hard drives are lightweight but tough

G-Technology announced on Tuesday that it's putting out a new batch of its rugged external hard drives. Videographers and photographers are especially fond of G-Tech storage devices, and the latest ones are designed with them in mind. The idea is that they can tote the hard drives into physically strenuous environments like, say, a mountain during a snowstorm. There are three new external hard drives, as well as two “all-terrain” cases. There are data-transfer options available for both Thunderbolt connectors (used on most Mac computers) and USB 3.0. The G-Drive ev RaW is an up-to-1TB hard drive that is lightweight and can fit in small compartments, like a backpack or purse. It’s about 35% lighter than original G-Drive Evolution, which launched in 2013, and comes with a USB 3.0 cable. It's specifically designed to be portable. According to G-Technology, the ev RaW can withstand a 1.5-meter fall and is formatted to go with Mac computers, though it can be reconfigured for Windo…

Top 10 Best Websites to Buy Backlinks For Your Niche Site

Backlinks can be easily touted as the backbone for gaining high search engine results, but it must be remembered that buying Backlinks isn’t recommended at all.
Instead, it is always advisable that you earn them. But, we all know it is a hard task for any web master and at times if you know the right trick, then it can be quite easy too.
The main thing is that every website love to have more and more Backlinks at any given point of time. So, what do you do in order to gain them?
If you want to know from where to buy backlinks, you can visit these websites and get the required amount of links for your niche sites.
Advantages of Backlinks
The Backlinks hold high importance in the world of internet. Mostly, people feel that Backlinks are good source of gaining high search engine rankings, but that is not the case always.
Backlinks have benefits beyond search engine result. Though, the Backlinks are referred one of the best ways to gain good results in the Google search, but there are other adv…