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Shooting fireworks on Diwali? Here are some tips to get better photos

Diwali is round the corner. And that means, among other things like yummy sweets, a sky lit with fireworks. For the photographers inside us this also means an opportunity to click the streaks of beautiful lights, brightly lit against the pitch black sky.

If you had shot fireworks earlier, you must be familiar with the process of how the exploding light could be captured. But if you haven't and want to do, it can get tricky. Fireworks don't last more than a few seconds and given the contrast between bright light and dark sky, present a scene that is not easy to capture with a camera. If you are thinking of shooting fireworks, use the following tips. We don't guarantee that you will nail the perfect shot using these tips, but if you do it right you will get something that you will like to share on Facebook and Twitter.
Shooting with a smartphone
Shooting fireworks with a smartphone is very tricky and almost impossible unless you are using a device like Nokia PureView 808 or Lum…

Incredible Apps - To Help You From Smartphones Addiction

Smartphone users feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of communications and devices vying for their time can turn to new apps to help them take a break and concentrate on other things.
More than 70 percent of consumers in the United States own a smartphone and the typical adult spends about 90 minutes a day on their device, an increase of 30 percent since last year, according to global information and measurements company Nielsen.
But new apps aim to make users aware of how much time they spend on their smartphones and to help them limit it.
Offtime, a new app for Android-compatible phones, lets users unplug from their devices without missing anything important.
"We all love our digital devices. But every once in a while we want to take time off, which can be hard when everyone is so connected and you feel as though you're snubbing people or missing out," said Michael Dettbarn, co-founder of the Berlin, Germany-based Offtime.
The app tracks how much people use their device an…