Start To Use FREE E-Mail Marketing Softwares Today: To Build Massive List

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E-Mail Marketing is one of the most common recommendations which every big blogger suggest to do.
When you will visit any big blog like CopyBlogger, ProBlogger, IncomeDiary, Mashable, TechCruch etc. then you will see that they give you option to subscribe them so that you can get all notifications in your inbox.
By doing this you will get the latest news and you need not to check all the blogs daily for latest content.
They are proving all information via mail and at the same time building e-mail list for them.
Email Marketing provides you the most effective way of communication for conversion to sales. 

Important Reasons To Start Building E-Mail List:

1. Easy to maintain.
2. Direct connection with your readers.
3. You can Send Personalized Messages.
4. You can Promote Your Products.
5. You can improve your Blog by asking questions to your readers.   
Here I am going to share the list of Free E-Mail Marketing Softwares, so that you can start building email list on your blog from today itself.  

1. Mail Chimp:

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 They provide you 2,000 subscribers, and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free.
Mail chimp is very easy to set up software and you can easily create your campaign and web forms.

Some Awesome Features:

•    You can create awesome looking Custom Forms
•    Easy Facebook Integration to allow users to subscribe you via Facebook.
•    API Support
•    Easily track your subscribers and results

2. Mad Mimi:

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Mad Mimi is a new player is e-mail marketing and they are providing 2,500 subscribers and you can send 12,500 emails per month.
They are having very good-looking forms and you can modify them very easily.

 Some Awesome features:

•    Very easy to create forms and connect with your subscribers
•    Smart list management
•    Easy integration
•    Easy to add extra stuff

3. Mail Relay:

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They have two types of plans 
1.    Standard
2.    and Enterprise
In Enterprise edition you will get free 5,000 subscribers and 25,000 mails per month.
They have mentioned that – “In order to get the 25.000 emails, and 5.000 subscribers, for free, you will need to create a Mail relay account ( 15.000 emails and 3.000 subscribers for free ) and follow us in Facebook and Twitter.”

Some Awesome Features:

•    Visual statistics with visitor tracking, clicks, and bounces.
•    Custom newsletters with dynamic fields
•    Easy web integration and signup forms.
•    You can add Custom domain.
•    Tracking tokens in links.
•    Iphone application.
•    Contacts sync with Microsoft Windows.
•    Development and integration API.

Final Words:

Start to use these free Email Marketing Softwares from now onwards. It will be useful in many ways. If you have any questions and Opinions, then don’t forget to ask in comment sections.
Be Happy Forever! Happy Blogging!!
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