Send Automated Direct Messages: Using Top 4 Free Twitter Tools

 No one can deny the fact that Twitter is best marketing tool, you just need to know how to use it effectively and create attractive profile. There are many other social bookmarking websites are available for driving traffic like Facebook, StumbleUpon etc. but its tough to beat Twitter. As Twitter is so popular there are many tools available for following twitter users of same interest, unfollowing users in bulk or sending automatic direct messages to your followers.
Sending direct messages to new followers or to old ones to introduce about your blog or new services is not considered as spam unless you do it properly and send only useful links. Thus, I found out few useful twitter tools to send automatic direct messages and to send direct messages in bulk. twitter tools to send automated direct message

Here are 4 Free tools to send auto DM and mass DM to your Twitter followers:

1. SocialOopmh

 SocialOopmh is a tool which will help you to increase productivity by sending auto direct messages. Sending auto direct message is only feature apart from it you can also schedule Tweets, Track keywords, Follow those who are following you, vet new followers, use buzz and many more.

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2. TwitterDMer

If you prefer to use a simple tool to send auto direct messages to your new followers rather than getting confused with other features then TwitterDMer is for you. TwitterDMer allows you to send your personalized direct messages to new followers and also to selected ones by specifying specific user details.

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3. TwitterMassDM

Twitter is best way to promote your articles thus apart from sending auto direct messages to new followers, you might need to send messages reagarding new services, post to your followers. TwitterMassDM helps you to send DM to all or selected followers in bulk.

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4. Tweetmanager

TwitterManager is another tool to send DM in bulk. Apart from sending direct messages in bulk to followers you can also auto follow users, auto reply to @response, schedule tweets etc. Even having many Twitter features, it is also a user-friendly tool.

[ Link ]

I am sure that you might be aware of few more twitter tools to send direct messages to your followers, so do share with us.
Word of caution: Don’t try to sell something via Auto DM. Try to be friendly and connect with your follower as person . I prefer using this feature to connect with new followers on Facebook.

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