Good way to Convert your Emails to PDF through Email Itself

An email based file conversion service lets you convert email messages, Office documents and web hyperlinks into PDF files. Supports text and HTML mails. 

Google Chrome has so many features to help the users. We all of us know Google Chrome has a built in PDF writer, so we can easily convert any email messages into a PDF file within a seconds of time. This conversion is done within the browser itself. But at some urgent conditions we are using mobile phones or tablets instead of computer. So we can’t convert our files into PDF within the browser. At that critical period we select any other online PDF conversion App. It takes some time.  To avoid this problem, follow the below alternative method.

Convert your Emails to PDF through Email Itself
Convert your Emails to PDF through Email Itself

We can forward the original email message to and the service will send a PDF version of the message  back to you within a seconds of time. It converts a plain text email message as well as  HTML tags into a PDF file. This conversions was almost perfect in both cases.
At some point, we have very important attachments in our emails in the format of Word, Excel or PowerPoint. We can convert these files into PDF by forwarding it to  and they’ll come back to you in PDF format within seconds of time.
Some websites converts email messages into PDF format in online. But the main advantage with is that it sends you the converted PDF file by email itself, we don’t have to spend time in their websites to download the PDF.
Also we can use this service to retrieve web pages as PDFs. Just sending the web address (URL) of the page in the body of the email message to gives the full page in PDF format.
They store our email message on their server only during the conversion process. Read the site’s  Privacy Policy once…  

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