15 Top Incredible Less- Known Gmail Tricks

Here are some interesting Gmail Tricks that will make your job easier. It also helps you to know more about Gmail and its benefits.

I always used these tricks in Gmail. These Tricks never disappoint you from making your job easier.  Maybe you should check these Tricks too.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts:

To view all available keyboard shortcuts in Gmail click the question mark key ‘?’. (make sure keyboard shortcuts are ON in Gear » Settings » General tab).

2. Filters and Labels:

Organize your emails by labels and apply filters to automatically mark (or even move) incoming emails to specific labels (work, family, bills, Social). Different than the priority inbox option.

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3. Send & Archive:

Aim for a zero emails inbox. Enable the send & archive button to archive emails after sending and removing them from your inbox.

4. Add New Stars:

You can add up to 12 star types in gmail. These are great for quickly marking emails with 'importance level' (reply, urgent and so on).

5. Add a Signature:

This is very important for marketing and branding. End each one of your emails with a logo / website or social links / thank you note. Navigate to Signature, set to On and add your signature.

6. Set Email Responder:

You set an automatic email responder to email sent between specific dates (works also 'only for your contacts').

7. Set Unread Emails in first section:

If you'd like your inbox to first show only all unread emails and then beneath them all the rest - navigate to the Inbox settings tab and mark the “Unread items in the first section” checkbox. Then you will be seen the changes in Gmail order. It is a superb method. I personally loved this one.

8. Gmail Image Tricks:

Here are some Gmail Image Tricks are mentioned Below
» Drag & Drop images into message body to insert as inline image.
» Copy / Paste images into message to insert as inline images.
» Drag images to the bottom message bar to add as attachments.

9. Free up space:

Large Files slower the speed of Gmail page loading. So we have to delete that file if it is not important one. So to do such things we have to find and delete emails with large attachments by searching for “size:30mb” It is also available via advanced search tab.

10. Find Old Emails:

We can Search for emails older than ‘X’ Years, Months or Days by typing “older_than:5y”, 5m, 5d It is also available via advanced search tab.

11. Search By File types:

Search for specific file attachments (jpeg, PDF, gif, etc.,) by typing "filename:jpg" / "filename:pdf" and so on.

12. Account Security:

You have to be very careful in security problems in Gmail. There is a chance to steal your information’s from Gmail. So whenever you open Gmail Check for suspicious account activity by scrolling to the bottom of the page and viewing the last account activity link. If anything wrong complaint to Google or change your Passwords.

13. Set Undo Send Feature:

Sometime you hit the send button and only then realize you've made some mistakes. At that time we have to undo send to stop the email. So Enable the Undo Send feature in the labs and then set the undo time in the general settings tab (up to 30 seconds). This is a very useful feature to use.

14. Mark As Read Button:

Gmail allows you to mark emails as read in several ways, but sometimes you wish the 'Mark as read' button would just show up in the top bar. This can be easily activated in the Labs…

15. Set Keyboard Shortcuts As Your Wish:

If you're not satisfied with the default keyboard shortcuts then you can set your own. First enable the feature in the labs, and then define the shortcuts in the general tab.

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