10 Websites To Visit If You Want To Be Cool and Relax

Here are some interesting websites that will make you cool and relax. It also helps you to forget your tension and it gives some energy to your mind.

I always used to visit these websites whenever I feel bored. These websites never disappoint you from making you to entertain. Maybe you should check these websites too.

10 Websites To Visit If You Want To Be Cool and Relax
10 Websites To Visit If You Want To Be Cool and Relax

The 15 Interesting Websites:

1. Dear Photograph:

Recollecting old memories always gives some good feelings. Photographs are the main source to feel that old memories. So this website features photographs of people holding up old pictures that were taken at the exact spot several years ago. Check this website once. Definitely it will entertain you.

2. Lamebook:

Weird and hilarious stuff that people post on Facebook. The names and profile pictures of the Facebook users are blurred to protect real identity.

3. Timelapse:

We can watch how a place has changed over a period of three decades through a series of satellite images from Google Maps. We can use “Explore our World” link to watch the timelapse of any location on the planet.

4. Useful Science:

This website offers a collection of one-line summaries of research published in scientific journals on topics.

5. Is It Normal:

This website will help you to understand whether your thoughts, Feelings are normal or weird and just unique to you. We can ask any questions and once it gets approved, the community will response about that questions.

6. Stratocam:

This website is like an online self-running slideshow showcasing some of the best satellite images found on Google Maps. We can experience one of the best slideshow ever we seen. We can discover pretty and unknowing place in our earth.

7. Reasons My Son Is Crying:

If you are a new parent then you will love this website. It documents the different reasons that little children cry for as submitted by parents around the world.

8. 9-Eyes:

 A collection of interesting images as captured by Google Street view cards around the world.

9. Awkward Family Photos:

In this website people can share embarrassing pictures of their loved ones in weird settings that are both funny and entertaining.

10. LOL My Thesis:

This site is created by an Harvard University senior. They create funny and lighthearted one-line summaries of thesis.


These websites will be used to entertain and relax you from the work tension. The important reason for this post is to be make you relax and happy. Always smile and be happy.
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