Top 5 secret SEO tips to Recover from Google Panda effect

After the introduction of Google Panda, the entire algorithm of indexing system has changed. Now top rankings cannot be enjoyed using the techniques that we used earlier. So, one needs to work with some sure shot tips and techniques that work will help to Recover from Google Panda effect. It is important to remember that search engine traffic is really crucial as every person searches the need using search engines. So, SEO of the site or blog should be proper and is very crucial as then only you will enjoy higher rankings in search results.
SEO tips to recover from Google Panda effect

How to Recover from Google Panda effect?

Have quality content

Quality content is just not sufficient now. You need great and original content. Content that is copies, spun or scrapped will give you a tight kick and throw your down in the search engine results. So, take proper time and do research as to what keywords to use, how to best write the content and use correct grammar. Also, make the content interesting and informative.

Use keywords moderately

When naming the articles, using the sub heads or setting links, you need to remember that you use the keywords that are popular and mostly used by the people when they search for something. While doing this, you need to keep in mind that there is stiff competition on these keywords and so you need to choose the best keywords possible. So, use the keywords that are used moderately as there will be a bit less competition on those keywords.

Make changes when required

Modifying the site to improve the performance as well as reader experience is to be used to survive in the post panda scenario. You need to study what the visitors are actually doing and how they visit your site or blog. Promote the web pages that are most popular and thus drive the targeted traffic. The pages which do not work well should be updated, fixed or deleted.

Design matters

We should not judge the sites just by its cover, Google has stated openly that websites will be judged even by their looks. So, even when your website is non-commercial, ensure that it looks professional, well run and clean as a commercial site. Advertisements on the site seem just like the perfect way to make the site profitable however they are the double edge sword as well. In case you try to sell your products on that site, advertising will in turn cheapen commercial look of the site.

Get PR back links from the quality websites

In order to survive post Panda world, you need to get PR back links from quality sites. You can opt for writing guest posts at quality sites or blogs and enjoy back links. This will surely help you to get high rankings and high ranks in search results as well. Through this, you will even enjoy huge amount of traffic. You can hire some Link Building Service provider to get such high PR links.
So, if you offer quality content, nurture relationships with clients, Panda is surely there to help your site or blog reach the top and enjoy more visitors than ever before.

Summary: You need to have a look at the top SEO tips that you should follow in order to Recover from Google Panda effect. These tips should be used carefully and properly.

Resource Box :- This Post is Written by Kulwant Nagi, who runs Blogging cage blog.

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