Top 10 ways to make money online for free and fast 2014

Making money from a Blog or Website is not an easy task. But it is not an impossible task. After gaining a lot of traffic to your website/Blog there is a lot of ways to earn money. 

Yes!!! You are going to earn money from your Blog/Website.

There are many legit ways to make money in online. But one of the most profitable ways to make money online for beginners is to build a quality blog and start monetizing it with ads. You can monetize your blog in many ways.
money from blog

 But I believe you know your strength. Try to concentrate on; which method is exactly suitable to you to make money from your blog/websites.  You should choose the right way to monetize your blog. Otherwise you may fail to make a descent income from your blog/websites.
Ways to make money from your blog:
                                    1.     Pay per click Ads
                                    2.     Cost per Mile Advertising
                                    3.     Banner Advertisement
                                    4.     Affiliate Marketing
                                    5.     Text Link Ads
                                    6.     Sell your own Products
                                    7.     Start Online Services
                                    8.     Write product Reviews
                                    9.     Membership Packages
                                   10.    Donations

I would like to explain about the above methods clearly. You may decide which method is exactly suitable to you and start to earn money from now.

1. Pay per Click Ads:

When  I am talking about this pay per click ads, the first thing that comes to my mind is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the popular and highest paying PPC advertising program. But due to strict rules and regulation of Google Adsense, it may be difficult to earn from that program and everyone not getting a chance to getting a income from it. 


 There are many alternatives for Google Adsense like Adbrite, Chitika, etc., which are similar to Google Adsense but their payment is little lesser than Google Adsense.

[Note: Try to work on Google Adsense first. Don’t give up. If you had a no choice than go for the alternatives.]

2. Cost per Mile Advertising:

If your blog has a huge traffic but your blog getting lower click on ads ah?
(In that case the pay per click advertising program will fail to make money)
Then no problem. At that time you have to go with Cost per mail advertising… In this kind of advertising the visitors need not click on your Ads. If the visitor makes an impression on the Ad then you will get paid. Every 1000 views or impression you will get paid.

The Best CPM Ad networks are Context Web, Technocrati, Tribal fusion, etc.,

3. Banner Advertisement:

You can earn money from your blog by banner advertisement. There is a chance to have some places in your blog. Don’t waste that space. Just place some words at that space like <Advertise Here>. Some networks are always likes to place their Ads in high traffic websites. So there is a chance to getting money from them by placing their Advertisement banners at that space.
Advertisement in blogger

The best market place to sell your ads is Buy Sell Ads. But it is very difficult to get approval from them. To get approval you should maintain a quality blog with a huge traffic.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

This is one of the most proven and widely used methods to make some descent money from blog.

Affiliating Marketing means you have to promote some products (which is related to your blog topic) on your blog and when anyone buys those products you will get commission for selling the products. It is an easy and best earning method.

5. Text link Ads:

Text link Ads not occupies much space in your blog compare with other ad networks like CPC and CPM.

Text link Ads

These ads show within the text which is present on the blog. The best Text link Ads is Infolinks. I personally like this network. Infolinks (In-post links) plays a minute role in the overall revenue of the blog. Though we can’t let it go unnoticed.

6. Sell your own products:

If you are good in writing the you can write a eBook and start selling the book on your blog. Many pro bloggers are doing this same thing. They are getting very huge money from it. If your book goes viral then you can make huge profit. Not only eBook you can sell some other products like Software’s, Phones, etc.,

7. Start online Services:

If you are expert at something like Programming, Blogging, Technology, Search Engine Optimization etc., and then you can show your talent through your blog to the customers. They will contact you for some services like Freelancing, Teaching etc., and then charge some amount for the work and finish that work.

8. Write product Reviews:

All you have to do is to select some products which is related to your blog niche and review those products on your blog and make money from it.

Product Reviews

9. Membership Packages:

If you maintaining a high quality content with an huge traffic this method will makes you to earn money. You can run a membership package on your blog so that only premium members will be able to view the paid content. Anyway this is a complicated method but it is an easy for pro bloggers.

10. Donations:

If your visitors get an impression with your content then they don’t hesitate to donate some amount of money to support and to encourage you. This method will make some amount of money. Wikipedia is the best example for this method. They make money from Donations only.


My Quote

I just want to explain the ways to earn money for bloggers. For my knowledge I posted these ten methods but there is lot of methods to earn. You want to do one thing to earn money. Just increase your blog’s Traffic it will automatically starts to earn money. Always I am trying to encourage my readers through my posts. Don’t lose your hope. Be Smart and be happy forever!!! Happy Blogging!!!  

Keep on Reading my posts…..
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