Top 10 secret ways to become a better writer

Hello readers!!! You want to become a better writer than other writers? Then read this post. I strongly believe, this post will makes you a better writer.

If your plan to write something more than the other contents, you need to understand one important thing. What you find great and interesting content is Nothing until your readers recognize your posts. So think from the reader’s side. Ask some questions with yourself, why should I read this post? What are the benefits? What is so catchy in this article? Then start to write. Keeping that in mind we have 10 secret ways for you to motivate as a better content writer. Once you started to follow these steps, the process of creating high quality content will be easier to you.
Okay! Let’s come to the point. Just follow below points.

1. Choose your Timings:

Always we are thinking differently from one another. We have our own ideas. These ideas will be rises at different point of timings.
Am I correct?
Someone gets fresh ideas at morning time, another at evening, another at night. We can’t say it in a perfect manner. Try to follow the timings, which is suitable and perfect climate to get ideas. I recommend you always follow night time. That time period will makes you comfortable and it’s a calm climate. This will helps to think different from normal point of view. Just sit down and relax at your timings then start to think and collect your ideas on your topic. Just note down your fresh ideas in paper or in word document. Note down all your thoughts and don’t leave anything.
“Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time.”

2. Concentrate on your topic:

I believe, now you got something to write about. Correct?
Now you’re already decided your own topic. Let start to think, what to write about that topic. Remind one thing; Never think you have nothing to write about your topic.
Be strong in your confidence and concentrate on your thoughts. Start to write small sentences. It will encourage you to make it as larger paragraphs. All you have to do is Just focus on your topic.  

3. Start to Write Sub-Titles:

Sub-titles make your job easier. When you find some topics, just note down the important points. That important point is called as sub-titles. It will help you to make your topic as larger paragraphs. Sub-titles reduce your time consumption and reduce your thinking process.
It will make you to write, awesome and easily understandable paragraphs. For an example your topic is TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY. Then just list your 10 ways as 1.CPM 2.PPC 3.TEXT LINK ADS etc., these 10 points are called sub-titles.
After listing your sub-titles, just elaborate your thoughts about each one. Now you are complete your post.

4. Don’t try to use difficult words:

My sincere advice is, try to write just like you speak. There is no need to think over difficult words, precious language, slang etc., don’t try to impress your readers with unknown cool words and languages. Just write your words, your thoughts and follow your heart, people will love it….

5. Focus on readers benefit:

Focus on your readers. Before you started to write, just imagine your readers and the benefits they will get from your writing. It will help you to reach readers attention. This is the greatest achievement for you. Never try to write for search engines or money.

6. Decide you Title:

Title is the heart of your thoughts. It will reflect your total ideas in one sentence. Don’t think it is an easy job. Many writers have problems with choosing a good and catchy title for their post.
Just read, what you are written. Read 100 times or many times. Just pickup one sentence from your thoughts and that sentence should say about your total ideas. Make it clear for a reader. They should understand from your title what information we are going to be read and learn from it.

7. Follow some Deadlines:

Assume some timing to finish your writing fast. It will help you to finish the work quickly and keeps your mind focused. Always be punctual. It’s a good habit in all the situations.

8. Love and Live:

Never try to write for business and money. Just love and live your work of writing. It will give a lot of satisfactions which is equals to million crores. Life experience is very important for writers. Because it helps us to improve our lives, get knowledge and skills, transform into someone else.

 9. Be Honest:

Evaluate your abilities honestly. Yes of course it may hurt your self esteem but you should be honest with yourself. If you are not a good writer and you had zero knowledge in writing, then help others by hiring them to write some content for you. Note down their skills, tips and tricks in writing and follow them. Practice well. One day I tell you, you’re going to be an excellent writer. Don’t worry! Be honest!

10. Attract your Readers:

Only sentences will not make an impressive post. Add some eye catching, attractive images to your posts. Your post must be colorful and neat to read. Maintain your post as rich as possible. I believe images will attract people.try it…


“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong”. 

Mistakes make a man perfect. Try above ten points and it will definitely change you as a better writer.

Be Happy Forever! Happy Blogging!!
Keep on Reading my posts…..
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