Must Read Blogs: Top 12 Blogs Which I Visit Regularly

Do you love Blogging?
Do you love Reading?
Do you want to improve your Blogging Career?
What is the relation between Blogging and Reading? How can I improve my blogging career by reading?
This question may be confusing you. It’s very simple. You can improve your blogging career by reading other famous top blogs in the world relating to your niche. But the truth is 70-80% of bloggers don’t love to read other blogs.

Must Read Blogs: Top 12 Blogs Which I Visit Regularly

Reading is the main process of getting a lot of information’s and inspirations. You should never stop your reading if you are a blogger. Not only information, there is a chance to getting a traffic to your blog also possible by reading top blogs. Lot of great authors sharing their contents in blogger communities. Read it and use that information in a right way.
Blogging needs always Time. Take your own time to read other great blogs and follow them. I believe you are realizing the importance of reading.
Here I am going to compile Top 10 must read blogs to improve and to enjoy your blogging career. I personally love these blogs.

1. Pro Blogger : 

Founder: Darren Rouse

If you are in a blogging career, you definitely heard about this blog. If you search about Blogging in Google Search This blog is always there in search results. From this we can imagine how important blog it is. This blog contain every bit of information’s on blogging. So you can get a lot of knowledge on blogging.
This blog was started about 10 years back. In addition to this blog he also edits the popular digital photography school ( as well as numerous other blogs. He has written many popular books also.  

2. Copy Blogger: 

Founder: Brian Clark

Copy Blogger was founded in 2006 by Brian Clark. He is the CEO of copy Blogger media, a social media entrepreneur and a recovering attorney.
Copy Blogger is also a professional blog. This blog has lot of features that everyone loves to read articles. This blog has been featured in various books and have setup benchmark for Blogging niche.
He is the owner of Genesis, Scribd, Getpremise and many other big companies.

3. Famous Bloggers:

Founder: Hesham Zebida

He is the founder of ThesisSkins also.
This blog is a multi- author’s blog and social Network platform for Making money Online Tips built on the contributions of its authors.
He shares all tech trends, Blogging Tips, Product Reviews and Social media tips. This blog also contains a lot of useful contents. They create a safe, fun, rewarding and effective Social Network Platform for SEO, Marketing Traffic, Design, Social Networking and Making money online tips.

4. Quick Sprout:

Founder: Neil Patel

He writes fabulous articles about Blogging and SEO on his blog. His single article is worth about thousand of Dollar. But he keeps sharing the stuffs for his audience. So this blog contains more and more valuable contents.

Once you are started to reading this blog, you never going to lose any articles published here.
Neil Patel is the co founder of two internet companies Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. 

5. Smart Passive Income:

Founder: Pat Flynn

He Focuses on Blogging tips. This blog is the biggest inspiration to me. Recently he recorded his 100th podcast on his blog. His podcasts got featured on iTunes store many times because of the Popularity and the amount of love people have for him.

6. Shout Me Loud:

Founder: Harsh Agarwal

It is a well known Indian blog. I regularly read this blog. It contains some great information’s. I always use the technique which is published article in this blog.
This Blog focuses on Blogging, Make money online, SEO, Wordpress, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Tools &marketing. He is having a network of Blogs under main brand of “ShoutDreams”. 

7. Blogging Cage:

Founder: Kulwant Nagi

He mainly focuses on Blogging. He is also an Indian blogger. He responds quickly to the audience. Whatever the doubts, he responds in a quick and decent manner. I personally love this blog very much. His income from blog is about $2000 per month.

8. ZenHabits:

Founder: Leo Babauta

This blog focuses on Simplicity, Health & Fitness, Motivation & Inspiration, Frugality, Family Life, Happiness, Goals, Getting great things done and living in the moment.
This is the World’s biggest single author blog. 
His writing skill is totally unique. He always used to add his personal stories in his articles. This is one of the best blog I have ever seen.

9. Fizzle:

Founder: Corbett Barr

He actually shifted all data from in Fizzle and made it as a single blog.
Fizzle is an Online Community where like-minded people Hangout to learn best industry tips from each other.
We can download podcasts from here and learn best internet marketing tips from the experts.

10. Boost Blog Traffic:  

Founder: Jon Morrow

I promise you this blog changes your life completely. Start to read this blog. Jon Morrow is an industry expert about bringing business with guest blogging. I read this blog because I want to improve my writing skills.

11. Backlinko:

Founder: Brian

One of the best blogs and my favorite to learn about SEO. He shares his Secret tips to get quality Backlinks from high authority websites and launched his course, “SEO that Works” last year.

12. Digital Inspiration:

Founder: Amit Agarwal

Last but not least. He is my favorite blogger in India. He is the inspiration to me. Not only for me, is he the inspiration to lot of youngsters in blogging field. He mainly focuses on Technology field. The articles in this blog are out of the world.
I personally recommend you to follow this blog for an awesome technology articles. It is useful for any kind of persons and field.


Blogging is a reading journey. To implement and to enjoy your blogging career this blogs will be useful. Start Reading and Enjoy your Blogging!
If you have more awesome blogs in your list which you love to read daily then please add them in the comment section. 
Be Happy Forever! Happy Blogging!!
Keep on Reading my posts…..
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