How to make money with a blog for beginners

                                This blog post is probably going to change your life as I’m going to make a biggest turning point in your career.

Sitting jobless?

Don’t want to work under pressure conditions?

 Want to make a Pocket or Huge money?
                                 Then you’ve come to the right place…Hello friends!!! My name is koti. I’m a graduate. I am a unemployed person and I don’t want to work under pressure conditions for 12 to 13 hours in a company. So I’ve decided to make my career as a blogger. To be a successful blogger you want just two skills. 1. Great knowledge on particular niche or topic (Blogging, Entertainment, Technology, etc.,) 2.Writing skills. Just update and explore your ideas in your blog. Do you know, basically students are good writers because they wrote their answers in exams very brilliantly; even subject text books can’t deal with that answers. Am I correct? (Just joking!!!).

                                Blogging has been a job to every unemployed person and has been a source of pocket money. I have always been one among them and I want to join the league of professional bloggers. Today we are going to talk about what is blogging, Careers in blogging, How to start a Blog and ways to earn money.

What is blog? :
                                   I think you’ve heard the term BLOG and you want to know what blogs are all about right?

Blog Definition: “Collection of posts… Short, Informal, Sometimes controversial and sometimes deeply personal… with the freshest information at the top” – Meg Hourihan.

What is blogger? : Who participates in the activities of maintaining a blog known as a Blogger.

What is blogging? : The activity of keeping a blog is Blogging.

Careers in Blogging:
                                  Bloggers are the backbone of an internet. They provide lot of information’s. They are the people who form, run and updating the information’s or contents makes internet a better for you all! Including myself. Without them internet is nothing.

       In india blogging is not an common profession. If I said I’m a blogger to others (Family, Friends, Relatives) they simply says just leave it. They suggest me to do the job related to your studies like Software engineer, Teacher, Hardware related jobs, etc.,  They are not going to support you as a blogger until you earn some decent money through your blog. Just ignore them. Follow your mind as a blogger. In india some people who choose blogging as their career, they left their jobs and started creating their own money making machines (their blogs). Blogging is not a stable industry, there is lot of changes. You never know, when your blog’s traffic is going to drop so you have to update your blog daily. My suggestion is choose blogging is your full time profession.

Blogging Platforms:
                           BLOGGER and WORDPRESS are considered to be the best blogging platforms. I have used both of these platforms. I think Google’s BLOGGER is the best platform to the beginners. But if you’ve any experience in blogging then WORDPRESS is the best platform forever.

Google’s BLOGGER:


1.      First of all it is absolutely free to use.
2.      Very easy to maintain the blog.
3.      Free Sub domain and Hosting.
4.      Google gives more importance to Blogger.
5.      Google Prefers Blogger results at top of the search results.
6.      Easy to get Adsense approval.


1.      Has more post features than blogger.
2.      Impressive developer support.
3.      Better Security and Search engine optimization when compared with blogger.
4.      Wide range of plug ins and themes.

Ways to earn money:
                          I got a lot of traffic in a website using my great content, Social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.,), SEO, etc., But how can I convert that traffic into money? You are rising this question right?
Google money

                   Well! There is a lot of ways to earn money using your blog. Some of the popular methods are Placing ads in your blog (Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite, etc.,), Affiliating market products (Click bank),etc.,  Advertisements gives money for every click by your website visitors. Affiliating the products gives the commission of money for every sale which is done by your blog. Later I will explain about these methods. Keep on Reading my posts…..

                          I’m always open to feedbacks and suggestions. You are always welcome to drop a mail at


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