How To Increase Traffic to your blog with Reddit

Reddit is a social bookmarking website otherwise called a bulletin board system which has an enormous potential to drive great amount of traffic to your blog or website.
Reddit users say that the power of Reddit is so great that it is capable of giving 1500 hits in a day’s time.
In this article I would like to tell you that apart from Facebook or twitter, you can use Reddit to promote your content and get results.


On Reddit you can submit your post in the form of a link or a text (similar to an article) post. After you submit your post, other members can vote up or down on your submission. The voting determines the rank of your post as well as its position on the Reddit website’s pages and front page.

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Sign-up and start promoting:

If you are new to Reddit, use the sign-up form and create a user account. Once your account is active, you can submit a link and know the response from Reddit users through votes. At the same you will also be able to browse the entries and vote for them.
Each entry previously known as a Reddit is now called as subreddits and The home page of Reddit displays front page content from selected Reddit  The front page of Reddit is where you should find your content because this is where you get visibility and a great number of hits to your website. Your content needs to be selected as a featured content in the recommended page.

How to bring your content to the front page of Reddit:

As I said earlier, the front page is where your submission/links gets more exposure so create a headline that is new, catchy and something which creates a curiosity and results in a hit. Reddit automatically suggests a title but you may add one with rich keywords.
When users click your headline to read your content, they will able to vote positive or negative on your content and add comments on your submission page. Only a positive feedback will help you move to the front page. To get positive votes, you need to share a good quality content in the most suitable category.

Gathering friends on Reddit:

Friends on Reddit also contribute to generating traffic to your website. Adding users to your friends list is very easy. On a user profile, beside the username an option +friends is available. If you like the profile and would like to connect press the option and the user will be added to your friends list. Identify like-minded people and become friends with them.

Tell them to visit your post, vote and give their valuable comments. It also requires you to be an active Reddit user, viewing other posts, voting, adding comments and promoting the link of your friends. As a Reddit user you can score points (points are called karma) when you contribute to the Reddit network community.
I hope you liked my simple strategies on how to increase traffic with Reddit Take the advantage of this excellent website to get exposure and promote your content.
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