How to get index on first page of search engines

Hello Friends! Good news for all those who are new to the blogger world. Everyone wants to see their article in first page of Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, In fact, it’s a dream come true for me. Yes! In this post, I am going to write about “how to get indexed on first page of search engines”. I believe every one of you know about Search Engine’s page rank. Some important and huge factors are decides you page ranks. They are
How to get index on first page of search engines

1. Unique Content 
2. SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
3. Back links
4. Patience
Note: I am not considering about Google page rank as a topic. These factors will be useful and you can apply for all search engines.

Okay! Let’s discuss them one by one.   

1- Unique Content:

Unique content writing

There is a popular sentence in blogging “Content is a king”. Yes it is true, content is king. For a new blogger, he doesn’t know to write an article, he doesn’t know, how to set the post perfectly with combining keywords (Not all the new bloggers). Am I correct? So, normally a large number of new bloggers are duplicating the articles from other websites and they are using in their blogs just to get traffic immediately. Most of them are not even giving credit to the original authors.

This kind of duplicate contents violates guidelines of Search Engines. This will affect your Brand name of your blog, readers’ loose confidences on your blog and finally it’s reduces your total traffics. So please such things. You should have your own style and self identity.
“Believe yourself. Have faith in your own abilities, Work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish”. 
So do your best. Write your own articles. One day you will win the race definitely.


2- Back links:

Back links are one of the most important factors which affect the ranking of any site in search engines.
“Back linking is a kind of recommendation or authority that this particular blog is worth to visit”. Higher the number of quality back links higher the number of traffic you would get. So if you want to achieve search engine rankings and traffic to your blog you have to spend some time in increasing your website back links.


You can increase your back links by doing Article submission, Blog commenting, Guest posting and Social media promotion.

Share your blog article with other bloggers and ask them to publish your post as guest blogger. By this way you can get quality back links.

Avoid: For a quick back links, some bloggers buys back links from pro bloggers. There are lots of people do these type of business. Please avoid it. It violates the guidelines of search engines.

3. SEO [Search Engine Optimization]:

Search Engine Optimization shortly called as SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you make your web pages more search engine friendly in order to maximize your relevant traffic. Actually it’s a very vast topic to discuss. So here I’ll just describe its need and value. Search engine is a computer program and when you tell a search engine that you have published a new article and request to index in search engine data base then search engine crawl your page.
Crawler catches your information and decides how valuable your article is. SEO is divided into 2 main parts. They are
1. off page SEO

2. on page SEO

Which is further sub divided into parts or techniques like Keyword analysis, Directory submission, social Bookmarking, Guest Blog writing, Article submission etc., Keep on reading my posts I will elaborate this technique in my next articles. Because it’s a vast topic as I said.

4. Patience:

All the above three points takes some time to show the amazing results. Creating one article with unique content and with all SEO techniques in it is not enough to make your blog a successful blog. It’s an ongoing process.
Creating unique content and making quality back link is an art and you will become perfect in it with the time and experience. More you follow these more you will learn about it. That’s why I am saying that one should have patience in achieving results in blogging.
You must provide unique content to your reader so that they will come again and again to visit your blog.  If you think logically all the above four points are interlinked with each other.
So all the above points are the basics to get indexed on first page of search engines. 

Be Happy! Happy Blogging!!

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