Father of Blogging in India - Amit Agarwal

Hello Readers! I hope all of you good. Okay lets come to the point. I want to ask one question to my readers. Please guess the answer correctly.  And the question is What do you looking for in internet???

In internet we are always trying to do something… what it was? I think, majority people trying to make money from internet, or they searching a way to make money or they updating their skills In their career etc etc., so people using their internet for making money , learning new things in their career( I am not saying about all the people, only majority of people)

Am I correct?

In our lives always we are running to earn money and most of the time we are spending on it. Only few people spending their time to boost up their career by studying motivational and inspiring celebrities.

So today I want to say about motivational and inspiring celebrity. I think this post will make you to work on the field of blogging and  I am very glad to share about my role model.
My role model is one of the important person in internet. Almost every blogger and webmaster knows about him. He is none other than the one man army, Strongest role model for every youngsters (including myself) and bloggers in India, Technical guru Mr. Amit agarwal.

Amit Agarwal:

Amit Agarwal is an indian blogger and the founder of DigitalInspiration.
Digital Inspiration mainly contains common internet topics on Technology. He claims to be a specialist in blogging about new advances in the field of technology.

Amit Agarwal
Amit Agarwal


Amit agarwal had completed his B.Tech in computer science from IIT roorkey. After completion of his education he worked with many MNC’s companies like ADP, Goldman sachs etc., In 2004 amit quit the job and started his blogging career. Great point was, At that time period many of us even don’t know about blogging and the potential of blogging. He Bravely and without any scare he stepped into the blogging world. He was one who made many of us to choose blogging as career and earning money from that. He always shares his knowledge with everyone by technical conference.

About his blog:

He is started Technology blog called Digital Inspiration.Now his blog among the top 100 tech blogs on the internet out of 130+ million blogs. He is the real inspiration for the bloggers who have experience in blogging and newbies who are willing to start a new blog. For the last one year I have been following lot of websites. In their articles they mentioning about Amit Agarwal and he is the main inspiration to them by choosing blogging as career.
Digital Inspiration is one of the high traffic technology blog in the world. It gets 4 to 5 million page views per month and it is increasing day by day.

Income Report:

One main factor which had created impact on bloggers to create their blog was Amit Agarwal monthly income report. Actually his main source of income is Google Adsense. He is a premium Google adsense publisher. Always earning capacity of premium Google adsense publishers is very high compared with standard publishers. According to his blog traffics his income around $30000 to $40000 (approximately).


  • He writes a weekly personal Technology column for the Hindustan Times and WSJ.
  • HT calls him “ Founder of the Indian blogging revolution”.
  • The straits Times of Singapore included him in their lists of Asia's blog stars.
  • Microsoft awarded him The most valuable professional award for 2007,2008,2009 and 2010.
  • His blog won the Best Technology blog award at indibloggies twice.
  • Featured as a success story on the official Google Adsense blog.
  • All the bloggers in India call him as “ Father of Blogging”

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