6 Best ways to Dramatically Increase your Blog Traffic for Free and Fast

Everyone has some goal – he/she wants to become top blogger and want to earn huge money. So to achieve this goal, traffic is so important. Writing your latest blog post and hitting publish button is just the beginning. Not the end process, to grow your audience. If you truly want to grab the attention of your targeted readers then you have to spend some time to promote your posts in multiple locations.

Increase your blog traffic dramatically

This post will provide information on how to bring more traffic to your website. Many of the methods mentioned below are free and will cost you nothing but time.
Just remember that the key to building repeat traffic is to create a website is useful, unique and full of valuable content.

Ways to Build Traffic:

  Here, I listed some incredible ways to build traffic to your website.

1. Search Engine Advertising:

Learn how to list your site with Google and other popular online search engines. Search engine Advertising is one of the best ways to bring targeted traffic for free. Getting listed in Google and the other popular search engines is one of the most effective ways of directing free, targeted traffic to your website.
Getting rank in search engines is not an easy process. Over the years it’s getting more difficult. So to achieve better results you have to optimize your pages. This is often called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. By building Backlinks, Google Authorship, Author rank and Getting Right Keywords you can get High Traffic to your website. By this process you can get direct free traffic to your website.

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2. Social media promotion:

Before you continue on, you must remember one important thing; Each Social media platform is Unique.
Social media is playing more and more of a role when it comes to building traffic online because so many people are using it. 

You should spend more time on Social media than trying to master Search Engine Optimization. Social media is the easy way to promote your content directly to your readers.
SEO has gotten so incredibly complex. So more people are discovering this is no longer a method to maintain a successful and sustainable business.
You may be wondering if you need to join and to be master in every social network or just with one or two.
My personal recommendation is, you should sign up for all the major networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin. Develop your fans rate in each and every social media as well as possible. This may helpful to get maximum Traffic to your website.

 3. Blogger communities:

There is nothing worse than writing a post only to your close friends and they are the only ones who have read it. You putting the blood, Sweat and tears on each post; wouldn’t you like it to reach a larger audience?
Blogger communities are a way to connect with each and every people. It is a perfect place to build audience, spreading one another contents. The highly recommended communities are Triberr, Social buzz club, Biz blogging buzz and viral content Buzz.

4. Bookmarking:

Bookmarking sites can open your content up to millions of potential viewers actively searching for content within your niche. This site will be more useful to build a tremendous traffic to your website in overnight. Don’t forget to share your great content with this bookmarking site.
Some major Bookmarking sites are Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Scoop.it and Delicious. Follow these bookmarking sites and post your contents using share buttons on your websites.

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5. Guest post:

Guest posting can be a VERY effective way of building traffic to your website. Guest blogging has become a hot topic recently. In fact, it is turning into a mainstream tactic. Do your research and determine which sites within your niche accept gusts posts. 

You have to select one high traffic website. Once the author is accept your post then you can get whole new group of audience freely. Turn those visitors to your website. Write Guest posts regularly. By this way you can get a lot of traffic for free.

6. Commenting on other Blogs:

This is a strategy often overlooked. Commenting on blogs that fall within your niche is an excellent way to create strategic relationships and connect with influencers within your niche.
Research top 25 blogs within your niche and begin to comment on their latest posts. For detecting latest posts you can use Google Alerts. This will build a large amount of traffic to your website.


Suppose you have opened a showroom in your own city. And you are very confident that this is going to become a top showroom in your city and in neighborhood cities also. You are putting your 100% effort, Branded and costly things and taking care of everything. 
In this case how many people will come at your show room?
I think only those who are known to you, or your relatives.
Am I Correct?
If you opened a showroom with a lot of advertisements in radio, TV, newspapers, Banners and various promotional methods.
In this case how much buyers you are going to get?
Answer is OBVIOUS.
So same principle is applied on Blogging. Have long vision on your blog and promote your posts as much as you can.
                     Be Happy Forever! Happy Blogging!!
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