5 Incredible Twitter Tools : To Unfollow Inactive Users

Twitter has now been with us for eight years and counting. By 2007 early adopters and tech bloggers had started to use Twitter, and the service has grown every year since then. Now Twitter has over 200 million active users. Twitter is not just for teenagers or celebrities tweeting about their daily activities. The power of Twiter as a marketing tool has been realized by many Pro bloggers, who are using it to help their blog grow. This tool will be very useful for boosting their products among the people.
So to boost up our products we need some active Twitter users.
Am I correct?
The users must be active, likeminded, and they should follow you. Sometime we have to follow some people to increase our followers. Some people follow you back and some people don’t. At that time your following list may be increases. So we have to unfollow some people who are inactive in Twitter.

Twitter Tools

The inactive user’s increases count of Twitter users we are following and they provide hardly any useful information. Thus here are few Twitter tools which will help you to unfollow inactive users.
Here I listed 5 incredible Twitter Tools to unfollow inactive Twitter users

1. Twitcleaner:

Twitcleaner has lot more features other than just cleaning up inactive Twitter users. It is divided into subcategories to unfollow according to your wish. Few of the categories are Non-Responsive, Flooding, Dodgy, Absent and Repititve.

The Twit cleaner

2. UnTweeps:

This tool is Simple and user friendly. I personally like this tool. The simple layout becomes very easy to unfollow tweeps who are not active with just selecting the checkbox. If you think some inactive users providing some important, useful information’s at some time then you can uncheck the selection.


3. UnFollowApp:

Unfollowapp is another tool which is helpful to unfollow inactive Twitter users. But it has some drawback. If you prefer to have protected Twitter account then this tool is not for you. If you have protected tweets in your account settings, then this tool not allows you to unfollow the tweeps.


4. Manageflitter:

It is an easy and quick tool to manage your Twitter account. This tool helps you to manage, Search and unfollow inactive Twitter users. It provides all the information to you about Twitter user like last tweet, bio etc, 


5. Tweetils:

Tweetils provides you report even if you don’t want to unfollow Twitter users. If you want to unfollow inactive Twitter users just click on unfollow button.



Use above tools to unfollow inactive users in Twitter. If you have another choice of tools, then please comment your opinion below.
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